Spider Web Noun Sort


Practice sorting nouns with our spider themed noun sort activity.  It's the perfect activity to use during the fall months when spider decorations are in abundance for Halloween.  Kiddos will love that it is hands-on and is adaptable for students in 1st-3rd grade.

Noun Sort Grammar Game for Kids
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Fun Grammar Game for Kids

I love creating hands-on activities for my kiddos; and I prefer activities that I can either make myself with a few manipulatives versus printing things out.  I understand others may just be the opposite, so we are sharing two versions of our Spider Web Noun Sort-- a printable and non-printable version!

To set up the non-printable version of this Spider themed noun sort, you'll need:

  • 3 paper plates
  • post it notes
  • plastic spider rings
  • pen

Draw a spider web on each of the paper plates.  On each plate, place a post-it note with a type of noun--person, place, or thing.

Cut small strips of post it notes and attach them to the spider rings.  On each strip, write a person, place, or thing.

Once the activity is all ready to go, invite your child over to help sort the spiders onto the correct web.

You can also extend this activity by talking about proper nouns and pronouns.

hands-on grammar game

If you are one that prefers printables, this is for you!  

There are three sorting mats, a recording sheet, and a page of blank colorful spiders so that you can choose the nouns you would like to use!  Enjoy! 

 Just click on the picture to download your printable. 

Printable Noun Sort Grammar Activity

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