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Autumn Suncatcher Art: Tissue Paper Fall Leaves

Here's a simple and fun fall craft to make when kept inside because of the cool autumn temperatures.  Brighten up your windows with these Fall Leaf Suncatchers!  It's an easy craft that toddlers, preschoolers, and early elementary kiddos can enjoy!

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fall leaf tissue paper suncatchers

One of my favorite things about fall is seeing the green leaves on the trees turn into various shades of orange, red, and brown.  I am fascinated by the seemingly simple change as the cooler weather begins to roll in.  My kiddos love the change, too as they excitedly bring in several colored leaves that have caught their attention.

Since the beauty of the leaves doesn't last forever, we did the next best thing to preserve the change.... we made our own fall leaves with tissue paper!  Well, not exactly alike but it was a fun and simple fall craft to make on a cool autumn day.

Tissue Paper Fall Craft


How to Make Tissue Paper Fall Leaves

First, cut out a large piece of contact paper and tape it sticky side up onto a flat surface.  

With a sharpie marker, trace around your leaf cookie cutters onto the contact paper.  I happened upon the plastic cookie cutters at the Dollar Store, but if you love to bake, having these fall leave cookie cutters might make a nice addition to your baking stash! 

Fall Leaves Tissue Paper Suncatcher Craft

Have your child cover each leaf with tissue paper squares.  Make a leaf all red, choose two, three, or more colors!  

Make them all unique!

simple fall tissue paper suncatcher craft

When each leaf has been covered with tissue paper, cut another piece of contact paper the same size as the first.  

Take the backing off the contact paper and press the sticky side down onto the tissue paper.  Covering the tissue paper creates a seal.

Have an adult cut out each of the leaves.

Fall Leaf Suncatcher Craft

Once the tedious job is done cutting out each of the leaves, choose a window to display your new fall creations!  

Add some tape to the back of each leaf and apply to the window.

Now as the leaves continue to change and eventually the trees become bare, ya'll will have a memory of the beautiful fall leaves....  until next year!

How to Make Fall Leaf Suncatchers

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