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Transportation I SPY & Graph {FREE Printable}

Have a kiddo who is all about planes, trains, and automobiles?  He or she will love our latest I SPY & Graph printable worksheet!!  It's filled with fun, bright transportation images-- cars, boats, and planes!

How many of each picture can you find?  Just count and graph!

transportation I SPY free printable worksheet
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Do you kids love to play I SPY, too?

Why We love I SPY Games

  • They are great for visual discrimination
  • introduction to graphing skills
  • works on counting skills
  • visual scanning skills

Silly me! Although our printable doesn't include trains, grab the book Freight Train to read before or after this activity!  We just picked up a copy for ourselves at a local book sale and it has quickly become a favorite!  It's the book of the week for the Virtual 'Book Club, too!

And since we are talking about all things that go, did you know along with 11 other talented teachers and homeschooling mamas, I've created a bundle of 20 Preschool Unit Lesson Plans?!  If you have a transportation loving preschooler, we have a unit JUST on transportation!

Transportation Preschool Unit Lesson Plans

"Get ready for fun and learning with preschool unit lesson plans for Transportation. This thematic unit is packed with literature based activities that are easy to prepare and fun to implement.

- Explore a variety of themed hands-on activities!

- Build vocabulary and early literacy skills with songs and games!

- Get learners ready for school with printable pages!"

Inside the Transporation  Preschool Unit Lesson Plan are 24 interactive lesson plans for young children.  Activities cover literacy, math, art, sensory, science exploration, and more!!  

Transportation Preschool Unit Lesson Plans

Add this Transportation I SPY & Graph Worksheet to our Transporation Preschool Unit Lesson Plans for a good time learning with planes, trains, and automobiles!!

Transportation I SPY Worksheet


  • Transportation I SPY Free Printable
  • Do A Dot Marker/ Writing Utensil
  • Page Protector (optional) 

Just count each item you find and mark each one on the graph.

Grab a Do A Dot marker or writing utensil to mark the graph.

If using with more than one child, put the printable in a page protector so the activity can be used again and again.

After the child has counted and graphed each picture, talk about the results:

  • Ask the child about what transportation image he/she found the most of/ the least of...  
  • How many more of X would you need to make 10?
  • Do any images have the same number? 
  • If the child is ready for simple addition questions, ask "How many boats and airplanes did you find?" etc... 
I did not make a printable answer key, so here you go.  Your child should find:
5 red cars
4 green boats
7 yellow cars
2 orange boats
1 airplane


This cute, colorful transportation clipart is licensed to ReviDevi.
Please do not alter, copy, sell, distribute this printable worksheet.
For personal use only.

Click to Download & Print our Transportation I SPY & Graph Printable

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