Snowman Math Counting Game


Make learning to count to 20 fun for your preschooler and/or Kindergartner with this low-prep snowman math game!  Add some snowman mini eraser manipulatives and you've got a hands-on way to work on math skills this winter.  It's the perfect addition to your math center and/or to reinforce basic math skills in your homeschool!

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snowman math game

My kiddos are always finding ways to challenge each other and turn any sort of activity into a game; they must have gotten their competivite spirits from their dad! ; )  So why not sneak in some learning concepts, too?! 

This snowman math game is a great way to work on counting, addition, 1:1 correspondence, fine motor skills, and more!   Add in little snowman mini erasers, and who could resist playing a game or two?

Snowman Math


Depending on how the game is set up, it can either be played as a one or multi-plater game.

How to Play this Snowman Math Game:

The game is easy!

To set up the game, I recommend laminating the printable for durability and to be re-used later, or else sticky hands, messy table, or a paper happy toddler could make a mess of it!

If setting this grid game up for one child, give them a bowl of snowman mini erasers and a die.  I picked up our snowman mini erasers last year, but any set of mini erasers would work.  Or you could use buttons, pom poms, or Do A Dot markers.

Have your child roll the die, add that many mini erasers to the board, and continue until the board is all filled up.

snowman math

If playing with more than one player, turn this mini eraser math game into a race! 

Who can make it to 20, first?

My kids love simple games like this!

Now, fair warning as with more kiddos there is a LOT more excitement over rolling the die, so a good way to combat a runaway die is to place it in a clear container.  Otherwise, you'll have kiddos under the table, on the floor, or even in another room calling out what number he/she just rolled.

...  (not that I have any experience with that sort of thing!!  ha!)

mini eraser snowman math

Just roll and add mini erasers to the snowman math grid; it doesn't get any simpler than that!!

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