Easy Color Matching Activity for Little Learners


Here's a low-prep color matching activity for little ones!  Great for fine motor skills and visual discrimination!  Perfect to put together for quiet time, meal prep, or while working with older kids!  Set up this easy matching activity for your toddler, preschooler, or Kindergartner today! 

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color matching activity

Little ones are often eager to learn, do, and explore at the worst of times:

  • trying to prep meal time
  • while giving a spelling test to the older kiddos
  • when mama just needs morethanasecond of quiet time
  • etc.
  • etc.

And that is just how this matching activity came to be!  My littlest was eager to do "school" like his older siblings, and while I have a cupboard of games within reach, none of those ideas were satisfying enough for him at the moment.  

Quickly rummaging through our cluttered school table, I happened upon some dot stickers.  And a simple idea struck! 

I hoped this little activity would keep him content while I finished up working with the older kiddos.  I figured it had to keep him busy for a few minutes at least.  He is in a phase where he LOVES stickers.  And they always end up in the most random places.... his body, my hardwood floor, and sometimes on my backside!  ha!  

Anyways, using the dot stickers I put together a simple color matching activity!

Matching Activity


This matching activity is great for little hands!  It also is a great way to sneak in fine motor skills and visual discrimination!

sticker matching activity

How to Set Up This Color Matching Activity

With just a few minutes before everyone around me lost interest in their school work, I quickly put together this color matching activity.

On a sheet of white paper, I drew small circles roughly the same size as the tiny dot stickers.

I drew several green, red, yellow, and blue circles on the paper matching the colors to the stickers.

Once the circles were drawn, I handed the activity over to my little one!

color matching activity

Color Matching Activity for Little Ones

With an activity prepped for my little one, I then turned my attention back to my older ones.  

Meanwhile, my 3 year old worked on matching the colors of the dot stickers to the circles on the paper.

He peeled off the stickers and worked every so diligently to place the sticker inside the color circle on the paper.

This activity was a win-win!

  • It was easy to put together!  Yay for low-prep activities!
  • Great for fine motor skills!
  • Encouraged independence!
  • It kept him occupied!
  • The task of putting the sticker inside the circle worked on visual skills! 

I chose to use tiny dot stickers as that is what I had at the moment, but if tiny dot stickers would frustrate your little one, use the bigger stickers instead!

Encourage your child to fill up as many circles with stickers as he/she can.

Once your child has matched stickers to circles, if there is interest, have your child connect the colored dots!

I love sharing little ways to learn and play with your kiddos today!  Thankfully, this kept my 3 year old busy for a few minutes.  He didn't finish filling in all of the circles, but I think the task tired him out a bit because when he was done, he was content enough to find something else to do while I finished up with my older ones!

Give this easy matching activity a try with your little(s), too!

If your little is loving stickers, too you also might like making some DIY Sticker Matching Sheets!

sticker matching activity

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