Shapes Sticker Collage for Preschoolers


This no-prep shape sorting activity using stickers is great for preschoolers and helps them learn basic math concepts such as sorting, sizing, shape identification, and colors all while creating a colorful collage to hang on the wall.  

shape sorting activity for kids

My kiddos love love love stickers!  For Christmas we received this HUGE bag of foam shape stickers and the kiddos have since used them on plenty of random pictures.  

I pulled them out again to create a sorting activity to keep my two youngest busy when working with Big Brother.

And when the sorting part was over, it turned into a very colorful collage for our school room wall.
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This was a great opportunity to talk about shapes, colors, and sizes with my 2 year old,  and to continue strengthening fine motor muscles with both kiddos as our foam shapes were stickers!  And my kids loved this activity because they LOVE stickers!!

Sticker Activity for Preschoolers

What you need:

To prep the activity I gathered four sheets of card stock and a couple handfuls of the shape stickers.

I put one shape on each piece of card stock to guide my kiddos in their shape sort.

shape sticker sort

Once it was all ready to go, I encouraged my kiddos to come to the table to do the activity.  

They were to grab a shape, peel off the back, and put it on the matching shape.

peeling shape stickers

There's no right or wrong way to do this! Simply peel and match!  Make a design or place the shapes without rhyme or reason!

Continue until all the shapes have been used....

Sorting Shapes for Preschoolers

 To make our collage art, we put the four pieces of card stock in an old frame!

I LOVE it; it is so colorful!

Sorting Shapes Collage for Preschoolers

Alternatively, you could do this sticker activity as a way to talk about colors.  Instead of sorting shapes... sort by color.  And if you prefer not to use up the stickers, just have your preschooler sort the stickers without peeling off the back.

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