Valentine's Day Alphabet Matching Game


With Valentine's Day upon us, here is a fun and colorful way to practice letter recognition with your little one(s).  Use this hands-on Valentine Theme Alphabet Matching Game Printable to work on abc recognition with your toddler, preschooler, and/or Kindergartner! 

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Valentine Theme Alphabet Matching Game Printable

Enjoy this low-prep alphabet matching game printable to use with your other preschool Valentines activities.  However, it would be a great one-on-one activity to teach letter recognition with your toddler, too.

Or, adjust this alphabet matching game to work on letter sounds and it can be used with Kindergarten kiddos!

Alphabet Matching Game Printable

This versatile alphabet matching game printable is great for hands-on learning!   I'm all about setting up easy and quick learning games, so whether you are using this during a Valentine themed week, shapes theme, and/or just because you need a quick abc recognition activity, this is a great way to learn and play today!


  • Heart Match & Cover Printable

Valentine Printables for Preschool

This print and play alphabet matching game makes it a quick and easy Valentine's Day activity for preschoolers (or toddlers & Kindergartners!)

First, choose and print, the uppercase matching printable or lowercase ABC matching printable.

Place it in a page protector to save it for later/ to keep it clean.  (Because it's always when I DON'T think a mess will happen, it does.  Go figure!)

Provide your child with letter manipulatives.

Encourage your child to pick up a letter, identify the name and/or sound of the letter, and then find its match on the Heart Match and Cover Printable.  

abc recognition Valentine printable for preschool

As much as this alphabet matching game printable is low-prep, it's quick to play, too!  The ease in setting up this valentine's day activity for your preschooler won't take away from the other fun valentine theme activities you may have planned for the day!  

This preschool valentines activity is a great way to learn and play today!  

Valentine Theme ABC Recognition

To extend learning, once your child has matched all the letter manipulatives on the printable, call out letters to your child and have him/her find the letter and take it off.  

This is a great way to "clean up" and get extra use out of the printable before putting it away!

Preschool Valentine Activity

For an extra sensory experience, hide the letter manipulatives in a simple sensory bin or add fine motor skills practice by having your child unwrap each letter first like we did in this activity. 

Or, hide the letter manipulatives around the room and have your child go on a little scavenger hunt to find the letters prior to completing the matching game.

As you can see there are plenty of ways to take a simple activity such as this Valentine theme alphabet matching game printable and tailor it to meet the needs of your kiddos!

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