Make Fractions Fun! 30 Hands-on Activities and Games!


Make teaching and learning fractions FUN for everyone involved with these hands-on fraction activities!  ''Seeing'' and ''touching'' what a fraction represents is key (I think) to understanding just what a fraction is and what the numbers mean.  Add some hands-on fraction activities to explore fractions with your students in 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade!


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You say, ''Fractions"

I run and hide. 

Okay, I might not do that... but, I am tempted.  Fractions were definitely part of my "I'm just no good at math'' self- talk.  It's a shame, too, because there are SO many fun ways to teach and practice fractions that are engaging for both the teacher and student.  

Don't let your student cringe with fear when your fraction unit comes up.  Instead, have FUN!   I hope this list of 30 hands-on fractions activities will give you a fresh new way to teach and practice fractions.


Check out these hands-on ways to make learning fractions fun, hands-on, and memorable! 

Use everyday objects as Fraction Manipulatives

These Fraction Help Mats are great for visual learners! 

Or print out this Visual Fractions Anchor Chart that can be kept in a math folder and/or cut up to use as manipulatives. 

Print these Fractions Flashcards for review!

Make fraction manipulatives out of pool noodles! 


Using a number line to teach fractions is great for visual learners; here's 6 hands-on activities.

Teach fractions using these bright colorful Fraction Pies; learning how to find the equivalence of a fraction will help the child in reducing fractions since we always write fractions in the smallest number

These Fraction Puzzles help provide practice with equivalent fractions, comparing fractions, and placing fractions on a number line


Keep these Fraction Bookmarks near your math book. 

Kiddos still not quite understanding?  Totally understandable, fractions can be tricky!  Check out these 5 Tips on How to Teach Fractions

Or, read a book or two about fractions! Check out this Fractions Booklist. 


If the official introduction and teaching part are over, put what you know into practice!  Here's a  fun list of games and activities to practice what your student knows... and is also a way for you to see maybe what your student has not truly grasped yet. 

Enjoy making practicing fractions fun with this bunch of activities! 

Recognize fractions with these Fraction Pizza Clip It Cards

Games make learning anything fun, including fractions!  Play Apples Eqivalent Fractions Memory Game

Or try this Missing Numerators board game, which when answered moves his/her game piece around the board. 

Even kiddos who may not enjoy learning fractions won't be able to pass up playing Fractions BINGO


Whip up a Fraction Pizza (and check the post also showing how to use dominoes to practice fractions!)

Reducing fractions is fun with this pirate themed game!  Or this race car themed game

Print these low-prep Back to School Fractions Printables  for comparing fractions; there's a couple fun ways to use these pencil fraction puzzles! 


For kids just learning fractions, print these ladybug themed math printables. 

Knowing fractions is helpful in the kitchen! Apply what you are learning with this Measurement Game

Get kiddos moving by playing Fraction Basketball

Create some cute Fractions Snowmen!  Or you might also like this Fraction Flower Craft


Grab a deck of cards and play Fraction War

Teach equivalent fractions with this hands-on activity.  Or play a game of Equivalent Fractions Spoons! (side note, I think SPOONS is the!)

For 4th-6th graders learning how to convert fractions to decimals, print this free game! 

Review fractions via Secret Code


Hope you found some great new fraction resources, games, and activities to use with your student(s)!   


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