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Kindergarten Apple Fun with Five in a Row's How To Make An Apple Pie and See the World

Just how do you...."[...]Make an Apple Pie and See the World?"

Well, the title alone sounds delicious and makes me want to find out how!

Perfect timing for this row, because October is National Apple Month (betcha didn't know that!).   It was cute, fun read that had us traveling all over the world for ingredients to make an apple pie because the store was closed!  Have no fear, with a will... there is a way!

Five in a Row How To Make An Apple Pie and See the World

Social Studies:  We traveled many places in this book!  I set 'stations' up around the living area that had a flag to color, a book to look at, and the ingredient we needed to make our pie.  We flew, rode a bike, took a boat, and fell from the sky by parachute!  We visited Italy for Semolina (wheat), France for our chicken, Sri Lanka for cinnamon, England for a cow, Jamaica for sugar, scooped up ocean water for our salt, and Vermont for our apples.  I also found a cute game to help my son learn the 7 Continents and it fit perfectly with this book, so we played a few games!  Loved it!
We have everything we need to make our pie!
7 Continents Game
Language Arts:  Vocabulary words weren't happening this week, so instead I introduced what an 'adjective' was and how it is a word used to describe something.  I had my son think of words to describe an apple.  You'll also see at the bottom of this post, he completed a sheet of copywork for this book.

Math:  We did a TON of math work this week.  There are so many cute apple related math ideas out there!
Apple Tree Math Facts #8
L/R Transportation worksheet
"Just Ripe" worksheet
Three Way Apple Math
Art:  We still do a lot of crafts for our "art study."  T made an apple print painting and a tissue paper mosaic.  Cute and simple!

Apple Printing

Science:  T sequenced the Life cycle of an Apple Tree.  We also labeled parts of an apple and did a couple experiments from Usborne Science Experiment book vol. 2; disappearing water and a salty water test. 

Oh, and we had an Apple Tasting Party per my son's request for breakfast!  The kid was SO excited to try the different kinds of apples, I just couldn't say "no!"  I bought Golden Delicious, Granny Smith, Gala, and Fuji... or so I thought!  Instead of Fuji, I think it was a McIntosh because it was soft and very sweet.  McIntosh was the fave!

And of course, we baked our own apple pie!  And our store was open, thank goodness!
FIAR: How To Make An Apple Pie....

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Kudos to all the resources I gathered my ideas from! 

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