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6 Toddler Activities Inspired by 10 Apples Up On Top

Last year we spent a whole week doing activities with Dr. Seuss books with Big Brother and while I wasn't planning on doing that again this year... I obviously had a change of heart.  

I picked up the book, "Ten Apples Up on Top" and set up 6 different activities for my toddler.  Although, these activities would be suitable for children 2-4 years.  

They are easily adaptable to add in other skills as well!

10 Apples Up On Top Activities
Thanks for stopping by!  The original post has since been edited and updated; if you are looking for our Onomatopoeia Art Activity it now has a post of its own.  Check it out here!

Toddler Apple Activities

1. "Apple" Stickers

Little Sis LOVES stickers so she was all about this activity!

Great fine motor activity for little hands as she had to peel the stickers off and place them on the paper.  Some even ended up on her as well!

10 Apples Up On Top Activities

2. Apple Dots

Next she made "apples" with our red Do A Dot marker.

10 Apples Up On Top Activities

3.  Pom Pom Apples Sorting

She hasn't explored this activity yet... but it's on her little table for when she is ready!

This activity could either be used to sort by colors or by size.

10 Apples Up On Top Activities

4.  Race to 10

Grab some pom poms or other red manipulatives to be your apples.

To play, roll the dice and add that many "apples" to your tree.

You could also start with apples in the tree and try to be the first to pick all the apples off the tree.  Print off your game board here!
10 Apples Up On Top Activities

5.  Apple Tape Art

I printed out an apple template and gave Little Sis red, yellow, and green tape.

Tearing the tape was a bit hard for her, so I helped tear the tape in different sizes and Little Sis covered the apple.

Once it was covered, we cut out the apple and now have a pretty piece of art!
10 Apples Up On Top Activities

6. Counting 10 "apples"

After reading the book, we practiced counting to ten with 10 "apples"{aka red Duplo blocks!}

10 Apples Up On Top Activities

Are you having some Dr. Seuss fun at your house?? Here's some more ideas: