Tot School Theme of the Week: Letter F

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Our most recent Tot School snippets spread over about two weeks.  I had everything lined up to go and on Monday, Little Sis came down with a bug that didn't go away for quite some time.  Bless her heart, she was so tired and whiny I thought my head might explode.  

When she did have moments of feeling "okay" (and they were quite brief), I took her downstairs to play and change up the scenery.  

Our focus was on the Letter F for featherfish, flower, frog, & farm.... 

Tot School Letter F Activities

I couldn't find a printable for what I was looking for, so I just made my own.  Here Little Sis matched the shape on the flower to the shape on the vase.  I haven't really stressed shapes much, and when she looked at the shape, she did well matching... other times she would pick up the flower and just put it somewhere!

You can't talk about the Letter F and not talk about frogs!!  Little Sis and I labeled the frog parts, made our own 5 Speckled Frogs props and listened to the song on my phone, completed a Do A Dot Frog page with stickers, & worked on lacing!  
Do A Dot & Frog Labeling from 2 Teaching Mommies
Stamping F's on the fire truck.  She wasn't so interested in this one.  A lot of those markings were ones I did to try to get her interested!

Art Fun!!
Decorated paper plate fish with Do A Dot Markers, painted with feathers, and made "flowers" using paint and the bottom of a pop bottle.  I thought the latter craft would turn out better... oh well, the kiddos had fun!
Since Little Sis really took a liking to the color purple I filled her water table with all things GREEN!
The Hubs and Big Brother were out and about this night, so we had some "girl time" : )  We played with these alphabet blocks I picked up at Goodwill.

Playing with Playdough; 
I was trying to have her fill in the F, but pulling it apart and putting it wherever she wanted was more fun : )
Playdough Mat from Homeschool Creations

Farm Shadow Matching!  I actually cut this activity wrong, according to the directions, but she did a great job with matching up the animals and making their sounds.
Activity from 2 Teaching Mommies On the Farm Unit

Find the frog!

Using Mr. Potato Head to make Funny Faces : )  She loved filling up all the holes-- it didn't matter if Mr. Potato head's mouth was where his arm should be!

Creating a farm scene with our Melissa & Doug re-usable sticker pads

Melissa & Doug See and Spell

Leap Frog Magnetic Animal Match-- she loved this!
Little Sis also practiced matching the letters in her name. I wrote her name on a piece of paper and using foam letter stickers, she matched the stickers to the letters!

As I write this, she is finally on mend!  Our healthy little gir is back!!

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