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Tot School Theme of the Week: Letter L

After our week with the letter C, we had fun with the Letter L!!  I don't have one set theme for our week. "Tot School" with Little Sis is not necessarily about her knowing the letter, but building and expanding her vocabulary--spoken and unspoken.
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Tot School Letter L Activities

Some L words we spoke of during the week were: 
Lemon, Lamb, Lion, 
Lamp, Ladybug, Lettuce!! 

She is loving this type of activity, so we did it again with L is for Lamb.  She used a dot marker to "catch" them all.

I placed some painter's tape on our floor and asked Little Sis to do various tasks, such as walk on the line, hop on the line, touch the line, etc.  A great activity for listening, too!  As you can see, big brother was into this activity as well ; )
Walk like a bear

Little Sis received a fun game for Christmas called Roll and Play by ThinkFun.  It is geared for toddlers 18mos. and older; we have a lot of fun playing it together.  You are supposed to roll a big cloth die and do the task from which ever color the die landed on, but she just enjoys dumping out all the cards and picking on of them to do!

I drew some lines on the chalkboard and gave her a paintbrush and some water to trace over my lines and have them disappear.  She was interested in doing her own thing ; )

Looking through her Letter L book from Baby Einsteins Alphabook collection

I pulled out some sheets from her Kumon Let's Sticker and Paste book... and we ended up doing FIVE of them!  They are fun simple activities, although I wished the Sticker book did not have activities on both sides of the paper.

L is for Lion!  Both kiddos had some fun making hand print lions!  Aren't they adorable?!

So, I thought she would be interested in this activity... and she was not! Ha!  She loves lip gloss, so I thought I'd put some lip gloss on and have her press her lips on the paper; alas, L is for Lips... right?!  Wrong!  She loved the lip gloss, but she would only mark her lips on the paper once!  And we played with the Lip Whistles that were in our Valentine's Sensory Bin-- always fun to play with!

 Using these three lion images I thought we'd try doing a sizing activity.  I pointed out big and small, but when I asked her to do it... she wasn't really sure.  Thus, I changed my words to 'daddy lion, mama lion, and baby lion.'  After that, she caught on very quickly : )  She loved showing me the /beebee/ lion.

For a fine motor activity, I cut a couple pieces of clothing out of felt and had her use clothes pins to hang up the laundry.  This task proved to be pretty difficult for her little fingers, so we'll keep working on it!

We worked on the Letter L because big brother was rowing "Andy and the Lion" from FIAR Volume 3 AND because we were heading to the circus that weekend!  I'll share pics in my FIAR posts, but I will say that we did not see any lions.  The circus just isn't the same as I remember it!

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