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Tot School Theme of the Week: Letter S

It is always a humbling feeling when I create activities for Little Sis thinking she will like them and she proves otherwise!  I'll get to more of that in just a second! 
After all our fun with the Letter F, we moved down the alphabet and explored the Letter S:  
S for.... Strawberry, Sun & Stars, Straws, Snakes, & the beloved Silly Sally.

Letter S Tot School Activities

{Little Sis is 25 mos.}
The Hubs purchased a huge cubby shelf unit on sale and we put it in her "corner" of the room, so she had a different set up this week.  Instead of laying items that begun with the letter S on the wall or on her table, I dumped them in a bucket so she could dump it all out and explore.                     

As I mentioned above, Little Sis was less than enthused with a couple activities I placed on her shelves this week!  One was a Strawberry Puzzle I made for her.  I printed two images of a strawberry; one stayed intact and the other I cut into three parts.  I took this activity off the shelf and asked her to do the puzzle with me, and every time she said, "Noooo."

The other activity flop was with a number match activity from 1+1+1=1.  Using the TouchPoint method, I added stars on the numbers to help her match the stars on the number to the star cards, but she was more interested in carrying the cards around and putting them in random places!
But she did enjoy putting star stickers on a printable from Carissa's Letter Ss printable set!

Her FAVORITE activity was the Sprinkle Sensory Bin, although it was short lived because once she figured she could eat them, the exploring and playing was no longer happening!  All I kept hearing was, "Mmmm... Mmmm!"

Little Sis did enjoy some other math related activities!  We worked on this foam number mat from The Dollar Store....

And, we matched socks!!

We worked on fine motor skills using clothespins again.  She finally got the hang of having to pinch the clothes pin to open it!  I glued a foam 'stick' on 6 clothespins and she attached them to the paper plate to make a sun!

Straw Sculpture!

S for Snake magnet sheet

Snake Sun catcher!  
Big Brother made one too, but I don't know where it went!  I had the kids fill a laminator sheet with tissue paper squares and once filled, we put the sheet thru the laminator and I cut an 'S' shape out.  We added an eye and tongue...Ssssss!!!

I found some printables to go a long with Silly Sally by Audrey Wood.

Matching colors!
We kept busy and had lots of fun this week!!  What was your Tot up too?
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