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FIAR: Miss Rumphius

May 01, 2013

"One day, I too will live by the sea...  I too, will travel to faraway places..."  said Alice.  "That is wonderful, Alice, but there is a third thing you must do...."

"You must make the world more beautiful"

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Miss Rumphius is such a lovely story in so many ways!  It is a great reminder that we aren't just to be... but we must also do something to give back; we must leave a legacy.

It was also rich in learning activities!  One of the things I have loved about our literature based Five In A Row studies have been that in all our activities, the book becomes part of us.  It makes a beautiful story so much richer because you are applying things from the story by learning, experimenting, reading more-- the story comes to life and you start digging deeper in other stories as well.

Social Studies:
Found Maine on our US map & labeled 4 Oceans

Completing Landform Puzzles from our Beginning Geography workbook; we've gotten TONS of use out of this workbook lately.
Language Arts:
 "Synonym" Roll match: One of the vocabulary words was "Sea," which was a synonym for ocean, so we did this fun activity with other words from the story.  Don't mind my gross baking pan : )  The cinnamon bun template came from Mrs. Bi-Polar Pirate
Later in the week I made a Tic Tac Toe vocabulary board for T.  The goal was to listen for the words in the story to make four in a row, but he ended up covering the whole board : )  
Miss Rumphius worked in a library, which had your old school CARD CATALOUG system!!  That is dated!  Makes me feel a bit old!  After reading, "Check It Out" by Gail Gibbons, I made a scavenger hunt T took to the library to test out his skills!
The math lesson was about a bushel & peck, and focused on the broader subject of Volume/ Capacity; this idea came from Frugal Fun for Boys.  We got out the beans and several containers and T compared two containers at a time to see which one held more.

He LOVED this!!  What is it about my children and playing with beans?  You definitely will not see them eating beans!
Lupine Watercolor Art
Miss Rumphius planted Lupines, and we planted Sunflower seeds!  I don't have a better picture, but you can see the seeds are starting to sprout here!  We planted five and three of them have roots, stems, and leaves!  We used a DVD case to "grow" these in so we could see the process, now we just need to transport them outside somewhere!
UPDATE: Check out my Wordless Wednesday {Attack of the Giant Sunflowers} to see them now!
Celery/ Food Coloring Experiment:
After a couple of hours, the leafy part of the celery were colored!  I believe blue was the fastest!
Cutting the celery to see the veins "drinking" the colored water
Flowers Express Lapbook from A Journey Through Learning; can't beat a lapbook for $1!!  
It covered: 
Parts of a Flower
Types of Flower Buds
Parts of a Plant
Things Plants Need
also  included several flower coloring pages!
On the back of the Lapbook, I attatched a seed/ plant matching activity from Homeschool Share.  Our Usborne Science book had some great interactive explanations on plants, too!
Just loved this book!!  Hope you do too!!
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Shauna said...

Wow, so many wonderful activities to go with such a great book. I love the Library Scavenger Hunt you did as well as the watercolor flower paintings. Excellent post and I am excited to be a new follower.

Jennifer Hughes said...

Visiting from TGIF Friday. I'd like to invite you to my Friday Flash Blog, where you can share your best blog entry of the week! The party goes on ALL weekend. And who knows, you may just get featured next week.


ccarpinello said...

The teacher in me applauds you for taking the time to come up the activities to go with the book. While I've not personally read Miss Rumplius, the first words describing what she wants to do hit home with me. Thanks for sharing with the Kid Lit Blog Hop. Cheryl - Hop Hostess

JDaniel4's Mom said...

This is one of my favorite books. I used to read it to my students during the first week of school. Your activities to explore it are wonderful. Great job! Thank you for linking this post to Read.Explore.Learn. I will be sharing it on Pinterest and Facebook.

Renee C. said...

Wow! What a fabulous post! I love all of your wonderful ideas for activies to accompany the book. I'm a new follower via email, Pinterest and GFC. Thanks for linking into the Kid Lit Blog Hop. :)

Melissa said...

We love the Usborne Science Book! So many things to discover. I haven't done the celery experiment with my kids yet. I will definitely have to try it. I am hosting a new weekly link up for nonfiction reading and it would be great if you could share your post with us http://honeybeebooksblog.blogspot.com.au/2013/05/keeping-it-real-drawing-dinosaurs.html

Jennifer Hughes said...

What a party last week on Friday Flash Blog! Thanks for joining us. I hope you’ve visited some of the other community members and you're having a splendid week.


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