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Tot School Theme of the Weekl: Letter H

A few weeks ago we had fun with the Letter H!  I am a tad behind sharing with you what we have been up to!  I pulled a bunch of random things around the house to put in her bin-- H flashcards, Hammer, Hamburger, Horse, Hat, & a Heart box.... 

Tot School Letter H Activities

She had lots of fun making the /h/ sound all week : )  She enjoyed many of her activities and we finally were able to play OUT side!!!

Matching Upper and Lowercase Hh's on the helicopter from Royal Baloo's Zoomin' Movin Alphabet Packs (so cute!)

Also in the Hh Transportation Pack was this printable to be used with Do A Dot markers or stickers, but we  poked holes using a skewer stick.  I can only imagine what she would have tried to poke holes in if I hadn't taken the skewer away afterwards! Yikes!  She had fun, though!

Math/ Patterning Activity
I found some yellow/red foam "chips" in my closet and using dot stickers laid out a couple patterns for her to follow.  She knew exactly what to do-- once she did all three patterns she showed me she was done by then peeling off the stickers and putting them on her.. (she did this with another activity, too!  See the bottom of post!)

H is for Heart!

ABC Find It! from 1+1+1=1
Since I am doing the alphabet out of order, I have had yet to use this fun printable so I was SO glad to see that Carissa had a set for Hh!!  I cut many of the pieces down so they could fit in the heart shaped boxes to add in a little fine motor fun! 

Shape Activity
In hindsight, I should have sketched out where the pieces should have gone.  I did try to stress words like, on top, under, on the orange square, etc... 
And this is what we ended up with! Ha!  
Funky, huh?!

H is for Hands!
Handprint Art-- always a fun activity

Shape and Color sort using buttons
Stickers on paper-- so yesterday! Ha!
That's MY girl : )
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