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Shark Lapbook

It all started when Big Brother and I picked up The Great Shark Escape, a Magic School Bus chapter book, from a used book sale.  And I could kick myself now for not buying the others that I saw!  It's been a fun book to read-aloud.  And I just love that within this story is factual information, too!  It isn't some completely made up story, but we are learning some very interesting information about sharks!

I then talked Big Brother into putting together a Shark Lapbook ; )  I found a free one at Homeschool Share and picked up some extra books from the library and we put together our own little unit! And I didn't get a picture of it open, but for the "Where to Sharks Live" pocket, I used the Oceans of the World copywork printable from, Learn Create Love.

Smell blood
Have gills
Are fish
Rush (swims fast)
(enter music from "Jaws"...)

Other books we read...

I googled the Shark Food Chain image...
 We gathered a lot of facts about sharks-- more than I wanted to know ; )

To add in some language arts, we worked on the /ar/ sound as in "shark" and "car."  I found blank fish and shark 'game' cards on a blog and then wrote words with the /ar/ sound on each fish.  We took turns picking a fish out of the bag and reading the word.  BUT, if we caught a shark, we had to throw our cards back in the bag!

If you are a Magic School Bus fan, I highly recommend the chapter book series!  I'll have to keep my eye out for more when out and about...

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