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Tot School Theme of the Week: Letter M

Not only does focusing on a letter a week give Little Sis some one on one time with mama during the week, but it's also a chance to bring out some toys we haven't played with in a while and let's us play with them in a different way!
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For Letter Mm, we talked about Minnie Mouse, Monkey, Mouse, Magnets, Music, etc. etc!

Tot School Letter M Activities

Music Station!!  It got pretty noisy for a few minutes ; )

Puzzles using megablocks!

M is for Mice printable from 123Homeschool4Me (Thanks Beth for the wonderful and FREE printables!)

Also from the Mouse Paint Printable Pack

Little Sis had SO much fun coloring!
From the Curious George Printable Pack by 123Homeschool4Me!

 Putting the yellow hat on George

Color Mixing outside with colored ice!  Fun, Fun!!

Just add food coloring to your ice cube trays filled with water... freeze... then play!  

Practicing using a glue stick with some pages from Kumon's Cut and Paste booklet.  I think these are super cute, I just wish they were spiral-bound, that way you could keep them all together!

Playing with a Magnet "wand."  I thought this activity might be more of a "wow-factor" than it really was; she like the magnetic marble most of all.

And using the barrel of monkeys, we sang and acted out 5 Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed & 5 Little Monkeys Swinging in a tree song; I don't sing much, but she seemed to enjoy the finger plays that day.

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