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Baby Play: Pillow Climbing

September 10, 2013

I almost didn't want to share this activity deeming it too simple.  All you need is a crawling baby and pillows-- can't get much simpler than that!  I mean just check out a new parents'-to-be baby registry and it's full of  fun, colorful, and flashy baby gear.  I know... I had a baby registry just like that!  Simple baby play didn't even cross my mind with my first!  Don't get me wrong, those things have their place and we own several of those toys, but I've learned keeping it simple is the best way to enjoy and bond with your baby.

And sniff, sniff... they grow up too fast!

My little guy that has been featured in my previous baby play ideas is now 9 months!

Anyways, this idea came to mind as my baby boy was climbing and crawling on me for the up-teenth time.  Can you relate?  All the sudden I become a jungle gym when I am trying to *just* sit and relax on the floor while baby plays and explores another toy.
Instead of mommy being a jungle gym, I set out some pillows for my baby boy to climb over!

This activity is great for getting those large muscles moving and grooving!  Grab some pillows and a toy, if baby needs enticing, and join in the fun : )  Add in the siblings, too!

Have fun climbing!

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Katie said...

Cute. It's simple, but actually I wouldn't think of it. We haven't got many babies round at the moment, but I am sure the kids would love it if I piled every pillow we owned into a mountain and let them loose!

Kristina said...

My 6 year old was playing with us here, just didn't get many shots of him... but he LOVED it! My 2 year old daughter is a big fan, too... so I say, Go for it! Perfect way to burn off some energy if they can't be outside!

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