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Apple Color Chant and Free Printable for Toddler and Preschoolers

Since my Flower Shape Sort printable shared on this blog was so well received, I began thinking of another one to make for all of you-- and us, too!  I set to work making a printable to use during Tot School, only to find that my printer is being a major butt; this last batch of ink I used is not aligning for some reason!  So annoying.  We did do this activity during our Letter A week, although we did have to tweak it a bit. Still, I wanted to share it with you!

This activity was inspired by a color chant I had read or heard about oh several years ago-- back when T was about 3ish!  {Sniff, sniff... seems SO long ago!}.  The original chant had something to do with monkeys in a tree, but since it was Letter A week during Tot School recently, I changed up the words (as I remember) so that Apples were in the tree.  The chant goes like this:

Apples, apples... 
in the tree...
throw the {color word} apple...
down to me!  

Color Activity for Kids

To re-use this activity, laminate it and add velcro to the apples and apple tree!  Have fun teaching/ reinforcing colors to your Tot!
toddlers learn colors

Click on the images to get your {FREE} printables!  As always, feel free to share this post and I hope you and your tot enjoy some apple fun!

toddler apple ideatoddler color activity

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