Tot School Theme of the Week: Letter T

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The past couple of weeks I have been really trying to stick to some sort of theme during Tot School, besides the letter.  With the Letter A, it was apples; for the Letter K, we focused on kites; and for this week, Letter T... I tried to focus on trains, but turtles and tigers made an appearance, too.  There are just so many things that I could include each week, that sometimes I go a bit crazy!  
*beware, picture heavy!  And I apologize for the grainy pics. Boo!  I have been trying to figure out the best camera setting for basement lighting and a fast moving toddler!  Whatever I had it on was NOT it!

Tot School Letter T Activities

Letter T printable from 1+1+1=1: 
Since she loves beads, I thought she might enjoy using the gems to use to "trace" the T.  She seemed to enjoy it for a few minutes until baby brother was reaching and trying to grab the container of gems!

All things that start with T!

Build a Letter T:
Found some ABC templates from Tired. Need Sleep.

Train Matching:
We have an ABUNDANCE of trains from T, so we pulled out our Thomas Memory Game cards and Little Sis matched the train or person to the card.  

Color Sort with Duplo Blocks & tongs:
I pulled out my big salad tongs for Little Sis to use, but definitely need to buy a pair for smaller hands.  She loved this activity and did it several times, until she pinched her finger : (

Build a Train:
I found a train coloring page online and then cut out corresponding shapes for her to glue on.  The circles were a bit tricky because of the hole in them...
But she did a great job!  

Train/ Train Track Number Match:
The trains were a bit too large for the printable I made, but the task was simply to put a train on each track for some counting practice.

DIY Fabric Shape Puzzle:
This was a last minute activity that popped in my head from who knows where!
I cut out shapes from a long strip of scrap fabric and Little Sis completed the puzzle.

Making shapes with trains!  Our shape of the week was....
After I made the shape, I asked her to find it on the poster.

Turtle Color Match

T is for Tiger!
I am also trying to relax a bit on the number of crafts we do each week as I just don't know what to do with them!  I still have things from when T was 3!  I mean, really?!  Ha!
This was a fun one, though!  
I had Little Sis do a marble painting on orange paper; once it dried I cut out the pieces to make a tiger.

Smelling tea bags!
LOVE the smell of Fuji Apple Tea!

Finally, we practiced spelling her name with...
The bottom row of duplo blocks spelled out her name (I wrote on the blocks with dry erase marker), and Little Sis matched the remaining blocks, that also had the same letter on it.  
Does that make sense?
She definitely enjoyed this matching activity.
Phew!  That really was a FULL week of FUN!  And that's just a few of the ideas I had lined up on my Tot School "scribble" pad!  Yep, I scribble my notes! Ha!  There are so many great planners out there, but I find I am just NOT consistent in looking at them!  Thus I keep a notebook handy for all my ideas and jot them down... usually!

Thanks for exploring the Letter T with us! 
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