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I am actually a bit behind sharing with you what we have been up to with HOD {Beyond}.  Here's a peak at Unit 7, but as I sit here writing this up, we are actually getting ready to begin Unit 9!  Wow!  I cannot believe time has blown by that fast!  Though with the ease and simplicity of the guide, I actually can believe it!  This curriculum has been so do-able for us; it's been wonderful!

In Unit 7 we learned the Pilgrims decided to leave Amsterdam and head to Leiden for better jobs, houses, and schools.  In Leiden, the men found work in the wool mills.  For Science, I drew up the steps to make wool and had T put it in order.  

However, after they had made their homes in Leiden for several years, the Pilgrims decided to move again.  This time to America.  They did not like that their children were losing their "English" ways.  For fun we explored the Dutch language by opening up Google Translate.  T LOVED this activity!  It was quite interesting to hear the translation of words/ sentences from English to Dutch! 

In Geography, we roughly mapped the Pilgrims' travels...

Another Science activity exploring how using ramps as levers made loading the canal boats easier. T rolled a can up the stairs with the help of a ramp and without and agreed the ramp helped!  Little brother is learning so much, too : )  

On day four of our history readings, we learned the Pilgrims' worked hard getting ready to travel to America.  They spun extra wool and packed only the necessities for their travel.  For a fun activity, I cut out a luggage and had T write what he would take to America, if her were a little Pilgrim boy.  He could bring anything he wanted, and you can see he chose " shirt, cup, plate, rainbow, scissors, pumpkin...." Cute!  

Every Friday in Language Arts we cover a Grammar topic.  For the past two weeks, it's been a short introduction to Command Sentences.  T grabbed a stuffed animal and completed the commands I gave him.  Here I said, "Play peek-a-boo."

..."Put George on your elbow."

We finished up our Adventure story, "The Sword in the Tree" this week.  As we read the story, I made a Story Caterpillar to help aid his comprehension/ memory of the book.  After we read through each chapter, we would then narrate some key points as to what just happened.  Our caterpillar turned out to be quite long!

Random favorites:
The weather was beautiful several days that week and the kids were both very interested in our garden; They pulled up several carrots!

We haven't been filling out our calendar worksheet lately, but since we began this unit in the beginning of October, it lent T the perfect opportunity to practice calendar work.  

Are you using HOD this year?  What Unit are you on?  
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