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Montessori Inspired Color & Fine Motor Activity

Starting today and for the next three Fridays, I am teaming up with some other fabulous bloggers to share fine motor activities to use with your kiddies.  To kick start this series, I am sharing an easy activity that focuses not only on critical hand/ eye coordination, but also color matching using paint chips.

montessori color activity

Before I go any further, let me just stress that fine motor work is very important for your littles to be exposed to-- and eventually master; it's the coordination/ movement of all our small muscles.  These small muscles help us write, grab objects, stack a tower of blocks and zip a zipper, etc. etc.!  So I hope you enjoy this series and visit the other bloggers as we share ways to get those small muscles developing.

Color Matching Fine Motor Skills

Okay, onto the activity! Grab a paint swatch, hole punch, and tweezers.  I suppose the cup of beans is optional, but it helped the paint chips stand up and easier to grab.
montessori fine motor skills

 Using the hole punch, I made a circle of every shade on the paint swatch.  I stood them up in the cup of beans and then gave my 2 year old (30 months) a pair of tweezers.
montessori fine motor skills

 If the tweezers are causing your little one to get frustrated, feel free to modify the activity and let them use their fingers, instead.  We want this to be a challenge, but still fun!

 Using the tweezers, she picked up a circled paint chip and matched it to the right shade on the paint swatch--that was the goal anyways!  She often just placed the circle where ever she wished and I had to ask, "Does that match?!"  And she would say, "Nooooooooooo..... " and giggle.

montessori fine motor skills

 The tweezers were a bit difficult for her to use.  She could pinch the circle, but often didn't hold onto it long enough as she raised it up and it fell back into the beans.  She did enjoy trying to get them all and with much encouragement from me, she did it!
 {Enjoying a little bean free-play!}
fine motor skills

Hope you enjoyed today's activity!  Come back next Friday to see what we have in store for you!  And don't forget to stop by these blogs more more activities!  

fine motor skills

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