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Color Matching Rainbow Tree Fine Motor Skills Activity

Today I am sharing our Pipe Cleaner Rainbow Tree activity.

With the added element of pony beads, this is a great fine motor activity that also reinforces/teaches color matching skills.

rainbow fine motor skills activity

Rainbow Themed Fine Motor Activity

This activity would have fit in *perfectly* last week when we focused on Letter R in Tot School with Little Sis- but I didn't think of it then!

We did all kinds of rainbow themed activities and did some other fine motor activities, too, like bleeding tissue paper art and a name rainbow with clothespins .
I am starting to realize we do a ton of fine motor work, so if you have a minute (or two) I encourage you to check out all the other activities we have done in Tot School.

This activity kind of evolved after I was trying to put away all the pipe cleaners that became a tangled mess from another activity I was trying to put together.

I held a bunch in my hand and the super neat Spooky Trees created by Jessica @ Play Trains! came to mind.

rainbow fine motor activity


After playing around a bit, I grabbed the colors of the rainbow: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, & purple.

I twisted the pipe cleaners together, but left them separate at the top for the branches and a little bit at the bottom (for the roots).  

And just in case they got a little top heavy with the pony beads, I taped the roots down to the tray.  

I poured out a bunch of pony beads onto Little Sis's and Big Brothers tray and let them create!  

I encouraged Little Sis to match the pony beads to the colored branches... and she did that for a little while, and then decided she'd do her own thing ; )    

rainbow fine motor skills activity

Big Brother decided to make patterns on his branches.

The kiddos had a great morning of creating and playing with the Rainbow Trees; but who doesn't enjoy some freestyle color fun with pipe cleaners and pony beads?!  Thanks for stopping bye!  

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