Tot School Theme of the Week: Letter P

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Tot School Pumpkin Activities

Having some fun in Tot School with the Letter P!  Here's what Little Sis was up too:
Great Pumpkin Scoop:
Using a spoon, little sis scooped up the pumpkins in the pumpkin patch : )

I hid some plastic letters inside the pumpkin and little sis had to dig them out.  She wasn't fond of her ABC's, but she did enjoy the playdough!  This activity has a post of it's own, where you'll find two other pumpkin themed fine motor activities we did!

P is for Pumpkin using Orange bingo chips

5 Little Pumpkins Song:
A few weeks ago during Big Brother's melty bead craze, I asked him to make some pumpkins with this activity in mind.

Exploring all things starting with the Letter P... in a pumpkin, of course!

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