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Tot School: Letter E

November 17, 2013

Here's a look at our Letter E Tot trays! Enjoy!  

Letter E Crayon Rub:
Big Brother helped her out with this one.
Eraser Sorting:
I had picked up a package of erasers from Target about a week or so ago, and they came in handy for our Letter E week as one of the erasers was an elephant!  I set them up in this tray and had Little Sis use tongs (or her fingers) to sort the erasers.
Elephant Sizing:
She has yet to get into this type of activity.  She enjoys telling me if things are "big/dadda/ mama" or "small/ baby," but when there are more than that in the mix.... she loses interest.
Egg Carton Lacing
Easter Tree:
I brought our our Easter Egg tree and had her decorate it!
Tongs & Easter Eggs

To end our week with the Letter E, we made these cute Egg Carton Turkeys.  It was the perfect little craft to start off our Fine Motor Series in November!
How was your week??
Thanks for stopping bye!

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Missy @ Dot-to-Dot Connections said...

What a cutie! And some great ideas for the letter E! I'm going to pin this to my alphabet board :) Thanks for sharing!

Crystal Mcclean said...

Beautiful photos and some interesting activities to go along with them :-)

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