Going on a Bear Hunt Mess Free Sensory Bags


Enjoy the storybook, We're Going on a Bear Hunt with these Mess Free Sensory Bags!  Your toddler and preschooler will Love this unique sensory activity!

Going on a Bear Hunt Sensory Bags

One of our favorite books currently is Going On A Bear Hunt.  Swish-swash through the long wavy grass, thick mud, swirling snowstorm and more without getting messy!  Explore these fun no-mess sensory bags that go along with the story.

Going on a Bear Hunt Activity 

For the past several weeks, Little Sis has been requesting "Going on a Bear Hunt" as one of her bedtime stories.  Since it's been pretty chilly outside, I put together some non-messy sensory bags to bring the story to life.  Sensory play doesn't always have to be messy!
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  • ziplock baggies
  • tape (I would highly recommend duct tape!)
  • different materials to go along with the book  

How To Make Going On A Bear Hunt Sensory Bags

For the long wavy grass, I picked some of the ornamental grass from our garden.  

For the deep, cold river we colored some water blue with food coloring

For mud, we dug up dirt from the garden and added water to it.  

For the snowstorm, we added some powdered sugar.  

And for the forest, we picked up some broken twigs from the yard (and when I say "we," I mean I sent my son to gather them- Ha!)

Initially, I hung up the bags on the window, by taping them with painter's tape, so baby brother could explore, too! He loved touching the bags. 

Word of caution, just make sure you double bag the mud and water !  Don't ask how I know ; )  

Going on a Bear Hunt Sensory Bags

So, are you ready to go on a bear hunt?! 

Story-Retelling with Going on a Bear Hunt Sensory Bags

Another way we explored the story using these bags is setting them out on the table with some toy people and re-enacting the book with props.  I printed off an image of a bear from online and stuck him in a paper bag cave.

Enjoy reading the story and exploring these no-mess sensory bags!  Even though mess isn't involved, your child is still using his/her senses!  Your child will still enjoy touching the bags and feeling the different materials.  BUT, if you are up for the mess, just lay all these materials in a large plastic bin instead!

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