Tot School Theme of the Week: Letter U

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There are not too many words to work with for the Letter U, so finding activities was a bit tricky.  However, I think I kept Little Sis well occupied with several umbrella activities!  Oh, I also threw in unicorn and underwater!  Take a peak at our Letter U week!  I made a couple of the printables Little Sis used this week, so help yourself if you could use them, too!  Just please follow free printable etiquette : )

Letter U Tot School Activites

Count the Raindrops Number Match:
This was a bit tricky for her; I think she was confused by the concept of matching the numbers.

Umbrella Picks & Styrofoam:
Great for fine motor skills!  Have you been keeping up with the Fine Motor Friday Series?  You can check out all our activities on our Fine Motor Fridays Pinterest board!

U is for Underwater:
I pulled out a sheet of ocean life stickers I purchased for Letter O, but never got around to using then.  Little Sis glued the dark shaped U onto the blue paper and then added stickers.  I thought it was cute that she put it ON the U!

  3 Part Umbrella Puzzle:
I didn't intend for Little Sis to turn this into a "craft," but she pulled out the glue after glancing at the tray so I followed her lead.
Once she put it together, I watered down some blue paint and she made rain drops using a pipette!

Pouring "rain" (aka flat marbles)

Umbrella Colors:
I made this coloring page for Little Sis.  With help from me she colored each umbrella said color, but when I left because baby brother was hungry, she colored them all black.  What is it with kiddos & black?

U is for Unicorn Do A Dot

Hope you can enjoy some of our Letter U printables in your homeschool! Enjoy!

How was your week of Tot School?  

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