The Cutest Egg Tray Turkey Craft for Kids


Sneak in fine motor skills with this turkey craft for kids!  These turkey decorations for Thanksgiving will add a special sweetness to your dinner table, mantel, or wherever you choose to display them.  Using materials you already have on hand, have fun making these adorable egg tray turkeys!  Preschoolers, Kindergartners- 2nd grade will love making these cute turkey decorations!

turkey crafts for kids

To start off the beginning of November, we are sharing a fun little turkey craft full of tasks to strengthen those fine motor skills!

Your kiddo(s) will be holding a paint brush, picking up feathers, manipulating googly eyes, squeezing glue, and more!  Crafts are a great way to sneak in fine motor skills!

And the fruit of their labor are these adorable egg carton turkeys!

 If you like to get crafty, like we do, you probably already have all the materials you'll need for these oh so cute and festive Egg Tray Turkeys.  And for egg tray craft ideas such as these are exactly why I never throw mine away!! 

Turkey Craft for Kids

Head to your craft stash and grab:

  • egg carton  (if you aren't a pack rat like me when it comes to recyclables, you can buy them on Amazon!!)
  • paint/ brushes
  • googly eyes
  • orange triangles (for beak)
  • red yarn (for snood)
  • feathers
  • scissors
  • glue

How To Make These Egg Tray Turkey Crafts

1. Grab an empty egg carton from your stash and cut apart the individual egg cups.  To make the feathers go in easier, I took a skewer and pre-poked holes in the top of the egg carton.

2. This step could be skipped if you have brownish egg cartons, but I prefer them painted.  So I grabbed some brown paint and had the kiddos paint them up.

** If painting the egg trays, give them a chance to dry before continuing this turkey craft.

egg tray craft
I made a model turkey and then gave Big Brother & Little Sis a tray of all their supplies.

They tray of supplies  consisted of several painted egg cups, small googly eyes, orange beak, red yarn for the turkey's snood, and several colorful feathers.

egg carton turkey craft for kids

Have your child decorate their turkey with their tray of supplies.  Turn the egg cup upside down so that the bottom of the egg carton is now the head of the turkey.

Poke the feathers into the top of the egg carton.

Glue on the googly eyes.

Glue on the red snood.

Attach the orange beak over the snood.

Since this craft contains so many small parts and pieces, be watchful of little ones!  But this also gives children in preschool, Kindergarten, and older a chance to work on those fine motor skills!

Egg Tray Turkey Crafts for Kids

While making the turkeys, there are also plenty of opportunities to count, practice colors, etc!

If you desire, once you have the finished turkey, you can practice using tweezers and/or clothespins to "pluck" the turkey's feathers!

In all seriousness, aren't these the cutest turkey crafts you have ever seen?!!  

...  I may be biased, but they are the most adorable turkey decorations for Thanksgiving!!

Egg Tray Turkey Craft for Kids

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  1. These are so cute! So many fine motor skills in use too! I love the idea of plucking the tail feathers. I think my daughter would pluck and replace a hundred times! I bet they'd make cute little place markers for thanksgiving too!

  2. I love the cute photos of the kids peeking through the feathers!

  3. Great idea! In Canada we already had our Thanksgiving, but I'll have to use this next year for Thanksgiving! My kids would love it! Thank you for sharing!

  4. Such cute little turkeys! I'm going to add this to our Thanksgiving craft to do list!

  5. I love your trays! I think I need some of those.

  6. Cute craft! And great photos as usual. :)

  7. These are super cute! What fun they would be to sitting on my mantle!

  8. This is such an adorable November craft. Thanks for sharing with Afterschool!

  9. You've been featured on our After School Thanksgiving Roundup of Activities for School Aged Kids this week. This turkey crafts is so much fun for the kids to create. Just want to tell you that we are so thankful for you! Happy Thanksgiving!

    1. Thank you for the feature and kind comment! Made my day!


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