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Button Bingo: A Color & Shape Activity for Tots & Preschoolers

I love facilitating and creating a learning environment for Little Sis; and well, to be honest even if I were not purposely creating activities for her to do, she would learn anyways.  She continually amazes me with all that she does know already!  Little minds learn and absorb so much through daily life and communicating with one another.

I started creating my own activities to use with Little Sis a few months ago and yes, it is extra work, but I so enjoy creating things that I know and think she will enjoy.  And plus, tot activities are way fun to create-- so many activities to do with letters, shapes, colors, and numbers!
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fun bingo game for kids

Most recently I created an activity using buttons from Little Sis's Melissa & Doug Big Button Number Fun toy; she had received this last year for her 2nd birthday.  However, if you enjoy having a stash of manipulatives at your disposal (like me), you could pick up an assorted bag of buttons at a craft store for this activity, too. 

I pulled out 12 buttons from the set of various shapes and colors and used 9 for each Bingo sheet.  I made four different game boards and rotated the pieces around for each one.  

To make the game board I placed 9 buttons on our copier that is part of our printer.  
**Place a sheet of white paper on top, then close your copier/printer and push your "Copy" button.  If you don't do this, you'll get a gray-ish background.
I did this four times {rearranging the pieces each time}and we were ready to play!

I put the pieces that were used in a paper bag and had the kiddos take turns pulling out a button.
We used the pieces from our two new TOOB sets as bingo "chips."  
The first one to get three in a row "wins"!
Do you have any fun ways to learn shapes and colors? I'd love to hear!

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