Tot School Theme of the Week: Letter J

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After our week with Christmas themed Tot Activities, we picked up our journey through the alphabet again with the Letter J.  The week was filled with a counting activity, fine motor work, tracing, and lots of playtime!  We did some activities with jelly beans, a juggling clown, and Jesus! What a combo ; )

Letter J Tot School Activities

Big Brother's pen pal sent him some Jelly Beans just days before, and Big Brother agreed to share some with Little Sis for the sake of this activity : )  You can be sure that Little Sis was in jelly bean sugar heaven.

I was inspired by fellow Fine Motor Friday Co-Host, LalyMom's Christmas Pom Pom Drop and created a Juggling Clown Pom Pom Activity for the Letter J.

As you can see, all three kiddos LOVED this.
I made up the clown printable, glued it onto an empty box, and cut holes big enough for the kiddos to push the pom poms through.

Do a Dot J
We recently bought a whole pack of those dot stickers and I made a Do A Dot activity for her to put them to use; well... one thing led to another and I ended up making a Do A Dot for the whole alphabet!

Jesus Cut & Paste Activity from Confessions of a Homeschooler
As I am sure I mentioned before, Little Sis is a big big fan of cutting!  Not a day goes by lately where she doesn't pull out a piece of paper and scissors and start cutting away.  I helped pre-cut some of the white area around the pictures, but otherwise she did it all herself!
So proud!

J Tracing Card from Confessions of a Homeschooler
Little Sis has been very interested in writing "/O, P/" lately.  She really does write an "O" when she says that, although I am thinking she means the alphabet.  She is great at drawing circles and whenever she "writes" I try to find a letter and write over it with a pen and she gets this huge smile on her face; it is just too cute!

Hope you can use some of these printables, too!  Leave a comment if you do! I'd love to hear : )
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Hope we've inspired you to have some fun with the Letter J!

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