Tot School Theme of the Week: Letter V for Valentines Day

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At first I wasn't sure what kind of theme I could weave into our Letter V Tot Activities-- vehicles and vegetables just didn't seem interesting to me and then I realized we were coming up on Valentine's Day in a couple of weeks!  We don't put a big emphasis on the "holiday," but I just love all the pink and red so it was the perfect theme.

Here's what Little Sis worked on:
letter v

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tot school letter v activities

Heart Do a Dot with heart gems
Little Sis didn't really get into this tray very much. She did place a couple heart gems onto the do a dot sheet, but she was more interested in cutting apart the cards-- which I didn't want her to do and was too late stopping her from doing.

letter v

After seeing this activity over at You Are the Roots, I made a special $30 shopping trip just for these items.....
Baby Brother (13mos) enjoyed this activity much more.

letter v

Broken Hearts Math Puzzle
letter v

Sorting Heart Gems
letter v

Find the "other Half" Matching Activity
I cut foam hearts in half and Little Sis had to match them together

Playdough & Cupcake Toppers
A little free play and math rolled into one.

Color the Hearts
letter v

V is for Vase Craft
letter v

This activity had plenty of fine motor practice built in.  We used cupcake liners for the flowers and I had Little Sis use scissors to snip around the edges to make petals.  Little Sis put the heart foam sticker in the middle of the flower and finally used a glue stick to glue everything down.

letter v

This activity has a post of its own as we shared as part of Fine Motor Friday.
Click on over to read about Broken Hearts: Valentine's Cutting Practice tray I set up.

Will you be having some Valentine's inspired fun and learning?!

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