Salt Dough Hearts for Valentine's Day


In December, while our Salt Dough Handprint Reindeer were in the oven baking, the thought, "let's use the leftover dough to make salt dough chocolates for Valentine's Day" popped in my head. 

No joke.

Next thing I know, I am rolling the dough and making hearts... in December... for a "holiday" that is roughly two months away.  Then they sat in a plastic baggie until a few weeks ago!

salt dough hearts activity

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Supplies To Make Your Own Salt Dough Hearts:

Valentine's Day Salt Dough Hearts

Although it may have been madness at the time, I sure am glad I had the idea when I did.  A week or two ago, I took the time to get our Salt Dough Valentines Chocolates ready for pretend play.

I covered them in Mod Podge and once dried, I "decorated" them using paint and glitter glue.

In hindsight, I should have let the kiddos decorate them, but once I had made them I originally thought to use them to play Memory-- so there are two of each kind of Valentine's Chocolates.

salt dough hearts

Big brother enjoyed a few rounds of Memory, but they came up with some different ways to play with them.

You could also use these Salt Dough Valentines Chocolates as

  • math manipulatives
  • for a game of hide-n-seek
  • "Bake Shop" pretend play

We pulled out a baking pan and two spatulas for pretend play.
Love activities where my 6 year old and 2 year old can play together!

salt dough hearts pretend play activity

Have fun playing!

salt dough hearts activity