13 Boredom Buster Activities


We are in the midst of Winter over here, and excuse my English, but it ain't pretty!  The cold weather has kept us inside more than we like, which also makes for antsy kiddos and mama!  Boredom and irritability overcomes us all if I am not prepared with something to keep us busy.

Well, I've gathered 13 Boredom Busters that we have done and loved! Keep these ideas handy... having some new ideas to keep the kiddos entertained is always a good idea.
fun boredom buster indoor activites

Oobleck Fun-- Is it a Liquid or Solid?
Messy fun! A must!

Pipe Cleaner and Bead Sculpture
Create an Alexander Calder inspired sculpture!

Chalk Fire Game
Get the kiddos burning some energy and working on fine motor skills ; )

Balloon Jet
Have some science fun with this activity!

Fabric Scraps Treasure Bin
A great way to involve the babes and toddlers; talk about textures, colors, size, etc. Play peek a boo. Place the scraps on your head and say "Ah-Choo" to make it fall off....  Who knew fabric scraps could be so fun?!

Make an edible snowman
Food-- always puts everyone in a good mood ; )

10 {Unconventional Building Blocks}
If the toys are beginning to loose their "newness" factor, check out these fun unconventional building block ideas!

Melted Crayon Art
Warning! This also makes quite a mess, but it's a fun project nonetheless!

Playdough Monsters
Playdough, googley-eyes, and feathers... need I say more?!

Great way to sneak in some reading practice and have fun!

Set up an "Invitation to Play" with similar to our Ocean Sensory Play activity; a great way to put those TOOBs that we love to good use : )

Swim with "Moonjellies"
Have you ever swam with Moonjellies?!  It's a must!!

Pillow Climbing
I set this activity up with Baby Brother in mind, but the older siblings joined in, too.  Love when all three can play together.

Will you be breaking out any of these Boredom Busters?  Have another idea? I'd love to hear how ya'll beat the "winter blues."

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