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Tot School: Letter Y

March 02, 2014

letter y
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Just a few letters left to share as our Tot School journey with Little Sis comes to an end.  Needless to say, it has been a bit difficult to stay the course and finish up Tot School when I have been looking forward to changing gears.  I've been brainstorming different themes to use when we finish the alphabet, so stay tuned! But without further ado, here are some snippets from our week with the Letter Y.  

I purchased a used copy of Yellow Ball not too long ago, and this was the perfect week to bring it out.  Although the storyline was extremely simple, Little Sis adored this book!  It is also a featured book in the Before Five in a Row manual, which I also have.  We did a couple activities from the manual, but I found that Little Sis was not ready for many of the other suggestions.

One cute activity the manual suggested was simply playing with a ball!  So easy to overlook the simple activities, but little sis and I enjoyed rolling the ball to each other, throwing it overhead, under our legs, etc.   While playing I sang the song, "This is how we roll the ball, roll the ball, roll the ball; this is how we roll the ball, when we play together... "

After a few readings of the book, Little Sis completed her own representation of Yellow Ball.  Here is her Yellow Ball artwork at 34 months.  She cut out the circle herself!
letter y
Staying with the Yellow Ball theme, I created a matching worksheet for little sis.  She did a great job drawing lines to the matching balls; I was quite surprised as we haven't done an activity like this before.  Instead of laminating the sheet, I used her Crayola Dry Erase Activity Center-- wonderful for travel, too!
letter y
 I remember having Big Brother color with one color when he was about her age; I would give him a variety of materials, but all the same color-- stamp, paint, crayon, marker, etc. and he loved it!  Here I gave Little Sis a similar task and she just did not take the bait!
 Yellow circles matching tray- I gathered a bunch of circular yellow tops & game pieces and created a matching sheet for her.  This was pretty easy for her to complete.  I find that Big Brother seems to enjoy her trays more than she does sometimes!
While the boys were gone one night, I pulled out some puzzle printables from 123Homeschool4Me's Your Favorite Princess Pack.  Little Sis is a BIG princess fan and was thrilled to do these activities!
Thanks for joining us for the Letter Y! 
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TE Denton said...

Do this today - thanks for the inspiration!

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