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Colorful Fine Motor Paper Plate Jellyfish for Kids

When inspiration strikes, you gotta go for it.  That is exactly what I have done with my latest random thoughts about jellyfish.  And not just any jellyfish-- but color matching jellyfish! Your little one will love this Ocean themed fine motor activity that works on color matching skills!
Fine Motor Activity exploring colors in this cute Color Matching Jellyfish Activity
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Preschool Color Matching Craft

I keep a little Fine Motor "Toolbox" in our school room closet; that's where you'll find my stash of fine motor manipulatives like scissors, clothespins, tape, droppers, tweezers, tongs, etc.  And I have to say, my favorite fine motor tool has to be- hands down- clothespins!  Velcro is a very very close second. If you are a fan of clothespins, too, check out our:

It is easy to put together. I apologize in advance for my lack of step by step instructions, but stick with me and hopefully it'll make sense!

Supplies Needed: 

I purchased this ribbon at a Hobby Lobby-- all four colors were on the spool.  
I cut the paper plate in half and used markers to color different sections.  To prep the clothespins I cut the ribbon and taped it on the end that would pinch the paper plate.  You could glue your ribbon on, too if that is easier.  

Next I simply presented this color matching activity to my 3 year old who "Ooo-ed and Ahhh-ed" at the pretty sparkly colors!

Encourage color matching or simply let your child create their own miss-matched jellyfish!

There are so many ways you could adapt this activity for your child- Enjoy!  This post was part of an on-going series, Fine Motor Fridays.  Check out what the other creative mamas are sharing today!

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