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Cranberry Thanksgiving Literature Unit

We revisited the book, Cranberry Thanksgiving from Five in a Row Volume 1 last week.... for the third time!!

For a blast into the past, read about our 1st Row here and our 2nd Row here!
Cranberry Thanksgiving go along activities
Concepts we touched on this year from our Five in a Row manual were:

  • New England States
  • Thanksgiving
  • Alliteration
  • Elements of a Story
  • Iodine Test for Starch
  • Cranberries
  • Silhouettes & Cool Colors

Five in a Row Cranberry Thanksgiving

In my up-teenth attempt at keeping some type of journal/ notebook of our studies, I bought a blank journal and added elements of each days work throughout the week.  We'll see how it goes....

Along with reading a Thanksgiving in Plymouth Colony that I picked up at a book sale, we watched an episode of Drive Thru History on the Pilgrims, and made our Thankful Tree.  We've done something different each year, but I really like this addition to our mantel!

We also made Thanksgiving Bracelets; it is more for the younger kids, but Little Sis and Big Brother both enjoyed digging through my bin of beads to pick out the colors that represent the Thanksgiving Story.

We watched a little segment of how cranberries are harvested and added a lapbook piece we found
for Cranberry Thanksgiving to our notebook.  With several cranberries, my son decorated the page by stamping them with ink.

A simple and quick Cranberry Craft!

 A super fun activity to teach Alliteration based on the poem, Bleezer's Ice Cream.  My son made up some new flavors: Chocolate Cherry Crunch, Mint Macaroni Munch, and Pizza Pepper Pickle Punch.  Mmmm... Yum???

 After pointing out the Elements of a Good Story, my son made up his own about a dragon named Dominic who got lost in a forest and ate some poisonous berries.  We used this fun Roll A Story worksheet to help us figure out the character, place, and setting.

 Testing different foods for Starch with Iodine.

Using our stash of bleeding tissue paper, Little Sis and Big Brother worked together to create this fun Warm/ Cool Colors Weaving art piece!  Well, we had a bit of an issue with weaving it together for some reason, but figured it out!
 Silhouette Keepsake; I've always wanted to make a silhouette and used this super easy tutorial to do it!

.... And of course we baked Grandmother's Famous Cranberry Bread!!  Although, it didn't last long enough for me to take a picture!  We added some white chocolate chips and walnuts to the recipe this time : )  My son pretty much made it all by himself-- measuring, mixing, pouring, etc! 

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