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Pom Pom Push: Fine Motor Activity for Toddlers

Not gonna lie, homeschooling and staying focused with a toddler underfoot can be quite a challenge some days!  A big help to making days go smoothly is creating an activity or two just for my toddler to do; this was our latest activity-- a Big and Little Pom Pom Push.  Bonus that we were working on some math skills, talked about colors, and got those little fingers working to strengthen his fine motor skills!
big and little pom pom push for todders
As simple as this activity was, it kept my 2 year old occupied for a good 15 minutes as he worked on pushing the pom poms in the holes, unscrewing the container, and doing it once or twice more!

What you need:
Empty Parmesan Cheese Container
Handful of big and little pom poms
I first showed Baby Brother that there were two ways to push the pom poms into the container-- using the little holes and the big hole; he caught on real quick as to which pom poms go in which hole!  I encouraged him to get all the pom poms into the container as we talked about colors, counting, and size.  He delighted in dumping it out and putting them all back in again!
Hope your toddler enjoys this simple fine motor activity as much as mine did!

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