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Name Recognition Letter Race & Graphing Game for Preschoolers

One of my recent goals with Little Sis has been to help her learn to recognize and spell the letters in her name.  And like her Big Brother, she loves learning with games-- gotta make learning fun! So I created this simple game to help her practice writing and recognizing the letters in her name-- The Letter Race!

We are excited to share this activity with you as part of Preschool Powol Packets Name Recognition and Writing Series!  Definitely take a chance to check out all the other activities that have been and will be shared during this fun series!

The Letter Race can easily be adapted to the needs and skills of your child, but I set up this game for Little Sis to practice recognizing and writing the letters in her name.  If your child is not ready for the writing part, simply create a letter graph and have your child make a check mark or add a manipulative for each letter drawn.

To set up our Letter Race Game, I created a graph with the letter of her name along the bottom and numbers 1-10 on the side.  If your child has several of the same letter in his/her name, simply make them different by making them a different color.

Since Little Sis is still learning to write her letters, I wrote her name using highlighter in the graph.  

So, ready to play?! Grab some letter manipulatives that spell your child's name or make your own like we did using bottle caps and stickers.  Put them in a cup and shake it up!  Have your child grab one of the bottle cap letters.

She grabbed the letter b!

Now encourage your child to find the letter on the graph, and trace over the highlighted letter.

Continue pulling out letters and writing it on the graph until you have a winner!  And... in our Letter Race, the winner was the letter e!

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