Make Your Own Abacus Counting Tool


My fixation on all things rainbow lately led me to make a rainbow themed abacus counting tool to keep on a shelf in our school room.

With this colorful counting tool, your little one can practice counting, addition and subtraction, and color recognition.

pipe cleaner abacus counting tool
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Make your own abacus

To put together your own Rainbow Abacus, you'll need:
Start by threading beads onto each pipe cleaner-- put one white bead on the first white pipe cleaner, 2 on the second pipe cleaner, three red beads on the red pipe cleaner... and continue til you have 10 pipe cleaners with a coordinating amount of beads.

Lay the pipe cleaners from 1-10 onto the embroidery hoop.  

Fit the outside layer on and twist the screw as tight as you can.  

Then wrap the "left over" pipe cleaner around the hoop.  

And... start counting!  

pipe cleaner abacus counting tool

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