20+ Edible Fine Motor Activities

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We love learning and playing with food, thus the inspiration for today's post-- 20+ Edible Fine Motor Activities!  Playing with food can be quite controversial, however in these 20+ activities, no food goes wasted.  Learn, play, and create with food all the while working on fine motor motor skills {and filling up your belly, too!}
Play, Learn, and Create all while strengthening fine motor skills!  20+ Edible Fine Motor Activities Your Child Will Love!  Have fun snacking!

Edible Fine Motor Activities Your Child Will Love

Practice patterns by making Cereal Bracelets | Show Tell Share

Or, practice pincer grasp with these adorable Jelly Bean Bracelets | Artzy Creations

Turn your child's favorite fruits and veggies into an Edible Necklace! Education Website

Roll, Poke, Flatten Almond Edible Playdough {and eat it, too!} | Craftulate

Read the much loved book, One Fish, Two Fish and set up a Math-Inspired Goldfish Activity Tray | PreK & K Sharing

Make a Rainbow on a Stick to eat later! | Kindergarten Lifestyle

Explore Jelly Jigglers with Cookie Cutters | Moder Parents Messy Kids

Practice math concepts such as sorting with Marshmallows | Mamas Like Me

Make festive Fruit Kabobs for the 4th of July or set it out for a healthy afternoon snack! | School Time Snippets

Set up this clever Snack Hunt to work on Finger Strength and Pincer Grasp | Lalymom

Forget store bought, make some Taste-safe "Kinetic Sand" | House of Burke

My kiddos would LOVE making Dot Art with M&M's! | Inspirational Laboratories

Make snack time educational with these cute Bug Printables using crackers| Meaningful Mama

Get in the kitchen and make some Veggie Pizza-- so many fine motor skills involved in this activity! | Still Playing School

Whip up some Edible Paint and create a picture! | Powerful Mothering

And then try this painting activity using chocolate {YUM!} | Lalymom

Your kids will go crazy over this Edible Stamp Art project using edible paint and ice cream cone stampers! | View from the Fridge

Eat and build with these Edible Sculptures using grapes! | The Artful Parent

Change up our Connect the Dots Activity by using Cool Whip | School Time Snippets

Try these 5 creative Edible Busy Bags {my favorite is Gold-Fishing} | Parent Savvy

Give your young toddler something to do by creating an Edible Sensory Bottle | Hands On As We Grow

Remember fine motor skills do not require fancy tools or foods! There are so many fine motor skills opportunities everyday.... like peeling an orange! | Stir the Wonder

More Fine Motor Activities:

99 fine motor ideas for ages 1 to 5

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