Fun Water Play Literacy Activity for Kids

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Beat the summer heat AND work on letter recognition with Alphabet Ice Boats!  
My toddler, preschooler, and 7 year old loved this icy alphabet activity.  Set it up on a hot day or in a large pan inside!
Beat the summer heat AND work on letter ecognition with Alphabet Ice Boats!
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Often our activities are intended for one of my kiddos, but the others don't want to be left out in the fun and end up participating, too.  Not sure if it has anything to do with homeschooling or not, but being that my kiddos are together all day, every day-- it gives us plenty of chances to play and explore together-- just like this activity did.

Hands-on letter recognition activity

To prep this fun alphabet activity with a unique sensory twist, you'll need:
I purchased a foam alphabet from The Dollar Store a few years ago and used it for this activity, however some other type of plastic letter manipulative would work, too {like the letters we used in our alphabet egg hunt activity}.

Fill up your ice cube trays with the foam alphabet.  Add a tiny bit of water in each tray so that each letter will freeze with the water.  Add it to the freezer and check back in a few hours.  Once frozen pull the trays back out and fill the trays with more water.  

Next, cover the ice cube trays with aluminum foil and poke a craft stick in each ice cube compartment.  Add foam triangle stickers to the craft sticks for your sail.  Place trays back in the freezer.

After a few hours, it is time to let your alphabet ice boats set sail!  Pop the ice boats out of the trays and add them to your water table.

After a few minutes our ice boats started to melt and we were able to rescue the letters and added them to the alphabet mat for a matching activity!

Do you have a fun way to beat the summer heat and work on letter recognition this summer? Pleae share!

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