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Easter Egg Alphabet Scavenger Hunt and Matching Activity

Last week I set up a fun and simple Shape Scavenger Hunt for my 2 year old, but ironically my 4 year old got to it first!  So I decided to set up another Scavenger Hunt for her!  

This scavenger hunt encouraged strengthening those fine motor skills and letter recognition.  

I brought out our stash of plastic Easter eggs and set up a simple alphabet scavenger hunt and matching activity.  

Letter Matching Activity using easter eggs
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To prep this activity, you'll need:

I used plastic letter manipulatives I had purchased from the Dollar Store some time ago for this activity.

To create the letter matching sheet, I simply placed the letters in alphabetical order on our printer/ copier {like I did to create our Button Bingo game}.

An alternative way to make the matching sheet would be to simply write the letters and/or use stickers.

Next, I put each letter in a plastic Easter egg.

Fun preschool alphabet activity

I meant to hide the eggs around the house, but Little Sis decided she was done with "quiet time" a little too soon!  So instead of being hidden, they eggs were all mixed up on our kitchen table; she didn't seem to mind though!

letter matching activity for preschoolers

 Manipulating the Easter eggs proved to be a great way to practice fine motor skills!

Some of the eggs were definitely trickier to open then others-- requiring a bit more strength to squeeze open than some others!

Once Little Sis cracked open the egg, I said the name of the letter, and we worked on singing through the alphabet to find the letter on the matching sheet.

easter alphabet activity for preschoolers

All the letters have been found!  

letter matching preschool activity

She's definitely come a long way in her ability to recognize certain letters!  I'd like to think it is because of the many other letter recognition activities we have done! ; )

alphabet scavenger hunt with easter eggs

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