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Rainbow Name Recognition Scissor Skills Craft

A great way to help your child master a new skill is by pairing it with something they already love to do.  In our case, Little Sis LOVES to use scissors, but she still needs help learning her letters-- specifically, the letters in her own name.

Why not blend the two skills tgether with this colorful Rainbow Letter Snip & Sort Name Recognition Activity! 

rainbow name recognition craft
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Two important kindergarten readiness skills are being able to use scissors and recognizing one's own name.  Using scissors involves fine motor skills and letter recognition is the building block to literacy.  Both skills will be honed and mastered in Kindergarten.  However, now is the time to start exposing your preschooler to these skills!

Preschool Name Recognition Craft


This might be one of the simpler name recognition activities we have done and just takes a few minutes of prep from you!

First cut out a cloud like shape from white construction paper.  Using the colors of the rainbow, spell you child's name on the cloud using each color.

Now cut strips of construction paper in the colors you used on the cloud and write several letters on it.  For instance, on the cloud I wrote the letter A in red, and on a red strip of paper I wrote an A followed by several other letters.  

rainbow name recongition craft

Encourage your child to find the letter on the cloud in the strip of the coordinating color, "snip" it, and glue it to the cloud.

rainbow name recognition idea

Have your child continue snipping and gluing until his/her name is on the cloud!  Such a fun and simple activity to help your child get ready for Kindergarten!

rainbow name recognition idea

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