Multiplication Facts Made Fun with BINGO


Learn your multiplication facts with this fun Multiplication BINGO game! Play this fun, hands-on multiplication math game with your 2nd, 3rd, or 4th grade students using a pair of dice and our printable game boards!

Hi, I'm Kristina and I am a manipulative "junkie!"  I have a few shelves dedicated to odds and ends like buttons, googly eyes, plastic ice cubes, felt, seashells, gems, etc etc to use in open-ended play or structured tasks.  I love creating activities for my kiddos-- especially teaching math concepts!  Who knew math could be so fun!

Here's a fun game for your 2nd or 3rd Grader using dice. There are so many playful ways to use dice to explore a variety of math concepts-- addition, subtraction, patterns, greater than/ less than, patterns, fractions, and today's activity reinforcing multiplication in our Multiplication Bingo! Game.

multiplication bingo
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I find math from the tot years talking about shapes and colors to preschool years of beginning counting and number recognition to early elementary adding, subtracting, fractions, and multiplication so FUN!  Thus my reason for hosting a fun new series for the month of June with twenty-one other bloggers around the web-- The Math Made Fun with Manipulatives Series.

Multiplication BINGO

Big Brother has recently been introduced to the term multiplication in his math program, but has been essentially multiplying since he learned skip counting-- so this concept isn't exactly new.  However this Multiplication Bingo game has been a great way to make connections that 3 groups of 5 is 5+5+5, which equals {5, 10, 15}.... 15!!

To play, you'll need:
  • Dice {our green dice actually came from a fun addition/subtraction game called Sum Swamp}
  • Printable Game Board{s}
  • Bingo Chips

multiplication BINGO

How to Play Multiplication BINGO

To play, simply roll the dice and place your bingo chip on the product of the two numbers.  

So, if a 2 and 4 was rolled, place your bingo chip on 8.  

multiplication bingo math game

Continue playing until someone calls, "Bingo!"

printable multiplication game

Printable Multiplication Game

I've put together several simple multiplication game boards for you to use, too! Enjoy!

for personal use only.  do not alter, sell, copy, distribute, or upload/ host file.  Created by School Time Snippets.

Make learning multiplication fun by using our printable Multiplication Bingo Gameboards and a pair of dice!  Have fun!

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