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Visual Multiplication: Make A Pumpkin Patch Array

Working with arrays is a way to help visual learners understand multiplication.  An array is simply an arrangement of objects in rows and columns, so they are very useful with this math skill.  We build on the knowledge that 3+3+3 is the same as "3 groups of 3" is also the same as 3x3.
Hands-on Math Activitiy exploring multiplication by using arrays.
With a visual representation of rows and columns, your child will begin to understand how to use an array to multiply {read more about arrays here}.

Hands-on Multipication Array 

Using an egg carton and glass pumpkin gems, we practiced multiplication facts by building several seasonal pumpkin patch arrays.  However, you can build an array with many other types of manipulatives, too!

Simply build several rows and columns using the glass pumpkin gems.  Begin by having your child create his/her own and/or have your child build arrays using numbers you call out.

For the image below, I have 3 rows of 3, which when written as a multiplication sentence is 3x3.
4 rows of 6 is the same as 4x6
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An array is a wonderful way to explore multiplication!  If you are looking for more ways to practice multiplication, check some other activities we have shared:
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