Letter Sequencing with Legos

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There are so many fun ways to use LEGOS... 
And today we are sharing another way to use your set of  LEGO DUPLO® with your preschooler-- Letter Sequencing.  This hands-on activity is a great way to practice putting the letters of the alphabet in ABC order!

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Alphabet Activity using LEGOs

Begin by gathering 26 LEGO DUPLOS from your stash.  

Bring out your alphabet stickers and with your child, place a letter of the alphabet on each LEGO DUPLOS  {if you do not have alphabet stickers, dry erase markers would also work, although easily erase upon touching.... OR use chalk markers, which will last longer but can also be wiped off with a wet wipe}.
Once you have made a set of LEGO alphabet blocks, play a game of What is Missing?  Break the alphabet into small towers of letters, keeping them in alphabet order.  Take one of the letters out and encourage your child to see if he/she can figure out what letter is missing from the letter sequence.
Such a great activity for your preschool or kindergarten aged child!  Another way to play is to separate the blocks and have your child rebuild the alphabet tower.  Or scramble several letters together and have your child put them in the correct order.  So many ways to learn and play with this idea!
 What are some fun ways you learn and play with LEGO DUPLOS in your home?

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