Learn Area and Perimeter Using LEGOs


There are so many fun ways to use LEGO's in your homeschool learning activities.

We have used them to practice grouping, alphabetical order, STEM challenge, and more!  Today we are sharing a way your early elementary student can learn with LEGOs or LEGO Duplos.

If you are learning how to calculate area and perimeter, this LEGO activity is for you! 

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lego area and perimeter

My son's 3rd Grade math curriculum has introduced both area and perimeter this year.

Area is the units of measurement inside an object.

Perimeter is the distance around an object.

Your student may enjoy these books explaining area and perimeter:


Area & Perimeter Activity

Using LEGO's as a unit of measurement is a great hands-on way to introduce the concept of area and perimeter to your 2nd, 3rd, or 4th grader.

My son filled a shape on each task card to calculate the area and perimeter.

To keep things simple each LEGO Duplo measured 1 unit for area and perimeter.
lego area and perimeter
I laminated the Area and Perimeter Task Cards and included a card in which my son had to come up with his own shape and then calculate the area and perimeter. 

Our Area and Perimeter Task Cards were made with a lot of love and I almost shed a few tears!  

However, after all the time I put into them, I hope you are able to use them too in your homeschool or classroom.  Enjoy!

area and perimeter using LEGOs

Download your Area and Perimeter Task Cards Here!
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