Tracing Lines with Loose Parts: Weather Theme

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Keeping track of the weather and drawing a picture on our Daily Calendar Printable wasn't the only creative preschool weather themed activity we did a few weeks ago.  I also brought out some loose parts one day for my 3 and 4 year old to use to trace lines that were weather related.  They had a great time using all sorts of pieces to trace the shape of a sun, cloud, rain drop, and snowflake!
Such a fun and creative activity for your preschooler! Trace lines using loose parts-- adaptable to any theme!
We recently brought down our old kitchen table into our school room and I covered it with chalkboard contact paper.  Using some new chalk pens {that are so very cool to write with!!}, I drew out a sun, snowflake, cloud, and raindrop.

This was a great way to engage in some talk about the weather, temperature, seasons, what to wear, etc!

Once my weather symbols were drawn, I brought down a bunch of loose parts:
glass gems

I encouraged my kiddos to trace the weather themed lines using loose parts.  They loved it and were so proud of their creations!
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