I SPY Hearts Valentine's Day Printable


Here is a fun Valentine's Day Printable for your little ones.  Kids love a good game of I SPY; just print and play!  Shh!  It's also a great way to sneak in counting and visual discrimination skills, too.  But don't tell the kiddos that... it'll ruin the fun!  Your preschooler, Kindgergartener, 1st or 2nd grader will enjoy playing this simple Valentine's Day game! 

I SPY Valentine's Day Printable

My kiddos love playing a game of I SPY!  It's a great way to keep kiddos busy in the car, or while waiting out and about, or just a fun way to practice counting skills and differentiating between objects!

With these adorable clipart hearts, I created an Valentines inspired I SPY: Hearts Printable.

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Valentine's Day Printable

Use it with your preschooler and have him/her write the numeral for each group of hearts, or use it with your older kiddos who have been learning tally marks!


  • Hearts I SPY Printable
  • writing manipulative
  • page protector (optional)

Print & Play: I SPY Hearts Valentine's Day Printable

Provide your child with small manipulatives or Do A Dot markers to help keep track of the hearts he/she has counted.

Your child will discriminate between 6 different heart patterns.   Here are a few questions to ask to sneak in more learning:

  • Which heart pattern did your child find the most of?  
  • The least of?  
  • How many more of X do I need to make 10?  

Use the printable for some one-on-one time, quiet time, to get something quick done around the house, or while waiting at a restaurant!  Alike your classic I SPY game, this printable is an easy, no-prep activity to sneak in counting and visual scanning skills!  

Just print the I SPY Game and count! 

Count how many of each heart image you find and record it at the bottom of the printable.  

Enjoy this Hearts I SPY Printable this Valentine's Day!  

Ways to Use this I SPY Valentine's Day Printable

  • It would make the perfect little gift to have your preschoolers give to their friends
  • Add it to your homeschool morning basket
  • Take it with you on the go for an easy activity to keep kiddos occupied in car, waiting for appt., etc!
  • Quiet-time activity

Hearts I SPY Valentine's Day Printable

Download your I SPY: Hearts Valentine's Day Printable here!!

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  • for personal use only.
  • do not alter, re-sell, distribute, or claim printable as your own.

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