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Teach Preschool Sequencing Skills with Easter Eggs

With plastic Easter eggs in abundance this time of year, it is the perfect time to use them for various learning and play activities.

Set up a scavenger hunt or work on sequencing and visual discrimination skills.

This Easter Egg Sequencing Task is easy to stow away for play for another day, so it makes for a great busy bag activity and/or is a fun way to keep little hands busy when homeschooling older kiddos or trying to get some work done around the house!

Easter egg preschool sequencing skills

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Materials needed:

Creative Preschool Easter Egg Activity

To make your own Easter Egg Sequencing Activity, you'll have to make a set of your own sequence task cards.

Use white note cards or split a sheet of paper into sections and draw out a sequence challenge on each task card using markers.

I took an egg carton that holds a dozen eggs and cut it in half, so that my preschooler used six eggs for each task.

preschool sequencing skills with easter eggs

After drawing out the Easter egg sequence task cards, provide the cards, Easter eggs, and egg carton to your child.

Show your child that on each card is a group of six eggs that are in a particular order {sequence}.

Have your child place the Easter eggs into the egg carton to match the task card.

creative preschool easter egg activity

As you work through this with your child, emphasize preposition words such as, top/ bottom, middle, left/ right, next to, etc.

Work on counting out the eggs and talk about colors.

If your preschooler is up for more of a challenge, set up this sequencing activity to use more Easter eggs-- or perhaps you'd like to get a little crazy and use all one color Easter egg, but draw different designs on them!  

That would make for a fun challenge, too!

creative preschool easter egg activity

Hope your preschooler enjoys this fun way to learn and play with plastic Easter eggs!

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